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Factors to consider for a successful VMDK recovery

The flat file format of virtual server disk files should make backup and recovery of entire machines relatively straightforward. But just like any disaster recovery scenario, VMDK recovery is liable to exactly the same problems and flaws as any other file. Here are some of the factors to consider in the event of a virtual server disk file problem. Are VMDK files actually being backed up? Successfully restoring VMDK images …Read More

Disaster recovery – 4 people that need to be involved if the worst happens.

When dealing with a data loss scenario, time is of the essence. Your users need their data and they need it now. Carrying out a data recovery operation relies on having the right team in place to assist. If you get the balance wrong, you will end up wasting valuable minutes that cost your business money and that dent your reputation. A technician or backup operator Key to the data …Read More

What happens if your Cloud backup fails?

Cloud computing offers dozens of advantages for businesses looking to access the latest enterprise-grade technologies without all of the financial outlay usually attached. With ever increasing volumes of data, many companies are now relying on Cloud backup services to provide the additional capacity they require. These services are then further enhanced by storing the backed up data offsite. But what measures do these Cloud providers have in place to protect …Read More

Consumer Cloud File Storage in the Workplace

The BYOD and Cloud revolution has a unique heritage in the history of IT developments because it has been driven by consumers rather than the IT department. Users have found apps and services that make their personal lives more efficient, before bringing those tools into the workplace seeking similar benefits. And so it is that Cloud file storage services have made their way through the corporate firewall, often without any …Read More

Avoiding Hyper-V recovery: Building a disaster recovery strategy into your Hyper-V deployments

According to Microsoft, large companies lose between $80,000 and $90,000 (£47,000-£53,000) for every hour of downtime they encounter. These kinds of losses occur regardless of whether your business uses physical or virtual servers however, so a good disaster recovery plan is essential in every situation. Anecdotally, the recovery of virtual servers is easier than their physical counterparts, so how do you go about building disaster recovery into your Hyper-V strategy? …Read More

Your weekly IT admin checklist – 4 key areas to monitor

A good IT admin maintenance schedule will help ensure that your business runs smoothly and you don’t waste a lot of your IT budget “fighting fires”. The following checklist will help you get your own maintenance schedule in order and cut down on some of the more common support tasks. Check backups Effectively your last line of defence against a data disaster, checking the status of overnight backup jobs should …Read More

5 additions to your network admin toolkit

IT support calls are a hidden cost within your business. As your team ‘fights fires’, important maintenance work and future development plans are placed on hold. The here-and-now has a serious impact on the future. These five tools will help you keep on top of support calls, giving you a little extra time to deal with all those other IT issues that are fighting for your attention! 1. Systems Lizard …Read More

6 Tips For Improving BYOD Security

Study after study seems to suggest that allowing staff to use their personal devices for work makes great business sense. Employees become more productive, work longer hours and are more efficient when they can use their own smartphones and tablets. However these advantages also come at significant risk to corporate data. Lost or stolen devices could provide a backdoor direct into your company network that can then be exploited by …Read More

The first steps in file recovery for Mac

What happens when you accidentally delete a file? What is the best way to get it back? Here are few things simple things to try first: 1. Check the Trash To avoid deleting files by accident, your Mac first sends everything to the Trash. This holding area gives you one last chance to confirm you really want to delete files before they are removed permanently. You will see the Trash …Read More

Argh! 3 simple methods for deleted file recovery in Windows

What happens when you accidentally delete a file? What is the best way to get it back? Here are few things simple things to try first: 1. Check the Recycle Bin Normally, everything you delete goes into the Recycle Bin. This is a special holding area that gives you a second chance to recover data before it is deleted permanently. You can find the Recycle Bin on your computer desktop. Double-click …Read More