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Are you ready for your mission? [quiz]

So far you’ve done well. You know why erasure is important, how to delete data and where it can hide when not erased properly. Are you now ready for a data security knowledge quiz? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete the quiz below successfully. Only 100% perfection is acceptable when it comes to protecting yourself from the criminals out there. Beware: this is not for the faint-hearted so make sure you are prepared to complete your mission. Good luck!

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  • funklord

    There are two incorrect questions here.
    First of all, Windows XP is not necessarily less safe than an unknown new operating system, especially if it’s a new windows version. It’s probably equally unsafe.
    Second, why would someone need to change their online banking password if they don’t have one?

    • Hi funklord

      It is true that a newer operating system can still contain security vulnerabilities but Windows XP is particularly vulnerable because it is no longer actively supported by Microsoft (i.e. there are no official patches for vulnerabilities discovered after the end of that support) and is a widely-used, popular operating system which has been in the public domain for many years.

      These factors do make it more of a potential security risk than a newer OS that is actively supported by the vendor. At least with a newer, supported OS there is a better chance that a security hole will get fixed relatively quickly before it is exploited widely.

      With regard to the other point you are absolutely correct. We should have rephrased this question to refer to “online accounts” rather than just “online banking” as not everyone uses online banking.

      Many thanks for your comments.
      Robin England