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HDD vs. SSD technology [Video Part 1]

In this video you will get an overview of hard disk drives vs. solid state drives (SSD) technology as well as explore some common perceptions and myths related to SSD.

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  • Great article.
    As stated in the video, SSDs are just one form of flash storage.
    This technology surrounds us in, tablets, phones, USB flash drives, MP3 players, etc.
    If you want to maintain access to your data on ANY device – back it up!

  • Very informative video. Thank you.

  • Useful summary, thanks

  • Very interesting video and made me think twice about supplying low grade SSD’s in a server environment where they are used in a database scenario instead of hard drives. This is also interesting from other information read about the market seems to be moving towards SSD storage more and eventually dropping the hard drive technology.

  • Lucas K

    Great video and lots of usefull information. One thing to point out is that Small Business Server is not a good fit for SSD drives, due to it’s nature it runs a lot of write intensive processes and it would simply wear out SSD in a very short time.

    • Hi Lucas,

      Firstly, thanks for the comment.

      We believe that SSD can be used for servers up until the threshold of 100 GB a day, after this, then traditional HDD should be used – this though is only a generalisation as there are many other aspects at play here, like what type of environment the server is running or particular uses the server may be employed for.

      We would also specify that a high transaction environment would not be suitable based on SSD.