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Ontrack EasyRecovery – 12 Frequently Asked Questions

If files and folders get deleted or if a device is formatted, Ontrack EasyRecovery software can be an alternative to an in-house data recovery service. This blog post has been created to answer some common questions about the software and provide advice for the installation, usage and licensing of the tool. It is important to note: Continuing to use a device after a data loss scenario can cause irreparable damage …Read More

Argh! 3 simple methods for deleted file recovery in Windows

What happens when you accidentally delete a file? What is the best way to get it back? Here are few things simple things to try first: 1. Check the Recycle Bin Normally, everything you delete goes into the Recycle Bin. This is a special holding area that gives you a second chance to recover data before it is deleted permanently. You can find the Recycle Bin on your computer desktop. Double-click …Read More

Recovering files from a hard drive with Ontrack EasyRecovery

The members of the Kroll Ontrack customer service team see it every day: Many computer users call and need after an unexpected loss of data urgently advice. Often it comes out quickly in the conversation that the professional help of data recovery specialist is not necessary. Because if the hard disk or the USB flash drive is not physically damaged and can still be accessed on the original file structure …Read More

How to recover your data when your hard drive is saying it needs formatting using Ontrack EasyRecovery

This is a very common scenario found particularly with external hard drives, though not as common as recovering from formatted drives or individual files.  Unfortunately we find that most of the time, this situation is going to point to some internal issue with the hard drive encountering some type of electronic or mechanical damage and in those cases I would suggest our in-lab data recovery services. However, if you feel …Read More

How to recover files from a formatted hard drive using Ontrack EasyRecovery

Unfortunately unintentionally formatting a hard drive by mistake is a relatively common occurrence, but it definitely less common than deleting an individual file. The results of this particular scenario can vary due to the nature of what has been done and written back to the drive. In order to recover data from a formatted drive using Ontrack EasyRecovery, you need to: Ensure that you have Ontrack EasyRecovery installed on another drive …Read More

How to recover individual files using Ontrack EasyRecovery

This is a scenario we’ve all been in at some point or another.  In most of these cases, a data recovery software option will typically recover the file or files. However, the success of the recovery will depend on how much has been done on the computer since the deletion. We always recommend that you stop using the device immediately and consulting a professional data recovery company in order to …Read More

A lost thesis is terrifying: Kroll Ontrack to the rescue!

Help!  I’ve lost my dissertation…Imagine for a moment university life before the widespread adoption of personal computing.  Writing a dissertation required access to a library and a small fortune to pay someone to type up your handwritten 10,000 words into a spiral-bound document.  Then imagine that you leave your only copy on the bus – and have to start all over again. Students that don’t back up, print or make …Read More