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Using SMART tools to predict HDD failure

In a previous blog – MTBF: Can it help predict hard drive failure? – we noted that the best-known methods for predicting hard disk drive (HDD) failure aren’t what you’d call scientific. Grinding and thrashing noises are a reliable indicator that a HDD is about to give up the ghost, for example, but that’s cold comfort when your drives are sitting in a remote data centre and therefore out of earshot. Hard drive manufacturers, …Read More

Mean Time Between Failures: Can it help predict hard drive failure?

Here at Kroll Ontrack, we’re well aware that data loss can affect anyone. For many of us, it comes in the form of hard disk drive (HDD) failure – an umbrella term for mechanical, electronic and logical defects that render the information stored therein unreadable. There are dozens of possible causes for this type of malfunction, ranging from logical software errors to physical damage and overheating – and, of course, …Read More

Data recovery – step by step

So what is the process of data recovery? A bit like recreating a loaf of bread from a kilogram of breadcrumbs. When we received the disk drive from the US space shuttle Columbia (the American space shuttle, which tragically disintegrated while returning to Earth’s atmosphere 1 February 2003) it was nothing like the device that we know from our PCs. The disk partially burned in the atmosphere, then fell from …Read More

“Cracked” Samsung SSD Controller Encryption

The pitfalls of automatic hardware encryption of fast Samsung SSD hard drives have been fatal for three senior staff members of a reputable audit firm. When the laptops of the managers were booted again after crashing, the three built-in Samsung SSDs of the 840 PRO Series were no longer recognised. Important customer data, unavailable elsewhere, were impossible to access. In view of this disaster, the only way out was to …Read More

DR101 – Introduction to Data Recovery [slides]

Have you ever wanted to know what data recovery is and how it’s done by the experts? Here you can find out the basics on data recovery. If you want to ask questions about the data recovery process and best practice methods for recovering your data, feel free to contact us! You can also watch the latest on-demand version of our webinar here. View upcoming Kroll Ontrack webinars

Meet the Engineer: Robin England [video]

What is your name? My name is Robin England. What exactly do you do at Kroll Ontrack? I am a research and development engineer within Kroll Ontrack’s data recovery engineering team. I help develop the hardware and software tools that our cleanroom engineers use every day to recover our customers’ data. I also provide our engineers with technical support and assistance when necessary. How long have you been at Kroll …Read More